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You may well know that Coventry has been awarded the prestigious award of being the City of Culture 2021. The year starts on the 15th May, opening with an epic, city-wide moment, Coventry Moves- a day full of extraordinary surprises, it will be experienced in the city, providing a playful and engaging introduction to Coventry, its stories and its people.

The City is celebrating the year the best way they know how, by focussing on the amazing diversity across the city in its people. Like the previous winners before Coventry, we hope our city will experience a major boost in tourism, as people travel to visit all of the incredible events that the Coventry 2021 team has organised.

That’s where you come in- Coventry 2021 are looking for volunteers to help welcome the thousands of visitors to Coventry and showcase all the city has to offer, some hosts will provide an initial welcome and a farewell to visitors, while others will provide information on artworks, installations and events.

Anyone who signs up will receive training before being offered opportunities to volunteer at events, with further recruitment drives to take place throughout the year. City hosts have the option to commit to supporting as little or as much as they want to and also have the opportunity to volunteer for more if they want to for the full City of Culture Year. And if that’s not enough to get you interested, you will also receive limited edition uniform, training and discounts across the year.

I have already signed up to be a City Host; with so much to look forward to in 2021, imagine being able to say ‘I was part of that’. Will you join me?

Jo – CovHour Host.

Find more information and sign up here:

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#Covhour was started on 22nd August 2013 and was the first online networking hour for Coventry.  It was set up with the aim to help local businesses to connect, to share information and to support each other.  Now with a community of more than 10,500 followers in less than four years, we can safely say that this has been achieved!   


The unique thing about this online networking group is that it was started by a local Coventry woman Joanne Brooks and unlike most other groups she does not run her own business she is employed by a business in the City.  When asked about the reason she started #Covhour Joanne replied "I enjoy connecting people and I am so proud of the city having lived here all my life, that I wanted to do my bit and to give something back.  I have met so many wonderful people through #Covhour and although it is a big commitment running the networking hour every week, I just love it!"  

Joanne continues to host #Covhour every Thursday between 8 pm and 9 pm and so why not join in this Thursday? 

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