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How Can I Meet Other Business Owners In Coventry?

When it comes to meeting other business owners in your local area, there are so many benefits on offer to you that you may not realise, from boosting sales, increasing efficiency and building your brand awareness. Networking has been a major part of owning a business for years, even more so during the past year where we haven’t been able to meet others in business organically.

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Meeting with others in similar circumstances can help keep you and your business up to date with the latest trends and news; sharing knowledge is a huge benefit of networking. It also brings more opportunities to meet potential clients; making it an invaluable form of market research, seeing how others react to your products/services is a great way of understanding your client base better.

Not only does networking help you understand your target audience, but also helps them get to know you and your business; whether face-to-face or online, networking is a great way of putting your personality into your business and continuing to build your brand awareness.

For small businesses, networking creates the most results, whether it’s growing your audience so that you’ll pop up when your services are needed or meeting other small businesses and gathering further knowledge of your potential client base.

A network can also provide you with professional mentors or contacts who might be able to assist you with problems you might need help with throughout your business life. Keeping up to date with these contacts can prove to save time (and occasionally money), for example, if your business needs the services of a bookkeeper, accountant, lawyer or marketer you may find the ideal candidate through your network via recommendations or through your contacts own connections.

It’s a continuous circle, constantly producing more from each round of networking, what more could you want?!

Networking events or local business events present you with the best opportunities to find others who are in similar circumstances as you look to connect with other businesses owners and work to grow your business and network.

Running for over 7 years, CovHour is a Twitter Networking Hour that takes place between 8pm and 9pm every Thursday, it’s a great place to meet similar people in business. Small and Large business owners have been taking part for years, arriving each Thursday to help get their name out there and meet others in similar situations to them and of course, finding potential customers.

Over the past year the pandemic has subsequently stopped most live events, however as we progress through the lockdown exit plan and with the number of people we are able to meet increasing, hopefully, we will be able to host another CovHour Live event in the future- another fantastic place to meet new connections and expand your network.

Finding places to meet other business owners can sometimes seem like a challenge, but getting involved in Twitter Hours is a brilliant way to dip your toe in the networking pool before moving on to live events!


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