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Turtle Bay Opening Event

We’ve been waiting patiently for the opening of the Coventry Turtle Bay restaurant to open since works began on the space and it was announced that the Caribbean inspiration was putting it’s stamp on out city. So after many months of staying in and putting our ‘outdoor’ social lives on hold, I was very excited to hear that the opening date had been confirmed.

I was kindly invited to join an array of fabulous people to attend the opening event for the latest foodie addition to the city, Turtle Bay and I was not disappointed! The building has been completely transformed into a Caribbean oasis, pulling you in from the outside and lending itself to the amazing location- right next to the Cathedral.

Welcomed by a team of friendly, fun and inviting people, the entrance to the new Turtle Bay restaurant in Cathedral Lanes, Coventry proved to be just a small taster of what was to come at the opening event on Thursday last week.

I met up with the lovely ladies at Piece of Cake Marketing and headed up the stairs into the outdoor area to be greeted with a Rum Punch cocktail (which really does pack a punch!) and of course, a perfect photo opportunity with cocktail in hand and amazing décor provided by the restaurant decoration and set up. We then headed inside and were greeted by a friendly face at the entrance and handed over to a member of the team to take us to our seats, each time passing a smile and wave from the team at Turtle Bay. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces arriving for the first sitting, with other residents of our fabulous city joining the buzz surrounding the event in Coventry.

Taking in all the restaurant had to offer on first glance was simply impossible, there is so much to see in each direction that you look throughout the entire space, from a Caribbean hut area in one corner, to a fabulous beach hut bar area in the opposite with an array of tables set out in between offering something slightly different at each one, in addition to a new viewpoint of the restaurant no matter where you’re sat.

The rum punch, being as delicious as they were, didn’t take long for the glass to empty and it was time to try a new flavour on the menu; unfortunately, I was the designated driver, but that didn’t stop me from having some delicious options available, the mocktails were incredible, all the flavour and excitement or a cocktail, but without the headache in the morning! Every round each one of us took turns in trying something different, from the Classic Mojito with it’s hint of mint to the Rum Runner with it’s frozen blend of flavourful fruit & rum and the Side Chick Martini, with inspiration from the Porn Star Martini. There is over 20 to try and I will have to return to make my way through them all to find my favourite!

On to the food…

Our amazing hostess talked us through the menus for the evening, consisting of sharing platters for starter, main and dessert and although we were all carnivore’s at the table, they had an extensive vegan option menu for those that wanted it. Starters arrived and oh wow, we knew we were in for a treat! ‘Inspired by beach shacks and street vendors across the islands, these are great tasting dishes, perfect to kick start your experience’; Garlic Pit prawns, Jerk Pit Wings, Crispy Chilli Squid and Sweetcorn fritters made up the sharing board. The smell from the moment we walked in was captivating; full of fresh and dramatic flavours, so we were well and truly ready when the food arrived. Without a second to lose, our plates were full and we dug into the amazing food in front of us, everything was mouth-watering and in even less time, our plates were empty again and we were ready for round two!

Our mains followed closely behind and offered yet another sharing platter including some of the Caribbean culture favourites and traditional plates from the islands. Curry Goat, Curry Aubergine, Jerk Baby Back Ribs and Bay Half Jerk Chicken, all accompanied by Coconut Rice & Peas, Spiced Fries and Sweet Plantain. Again, nothing disappointed, the food was perfectly cooked, with little kicks of spice and of course, their home recipe bay jerk sauce with scotch bonnet, allspice and thyme making up the flavour of Jamaica.

Last but by no means least, we were onto desserts and as expected, nothing fell short; the sharer was made up of Banana Toffee Cheesecake made with toffee curd, rum and – yep, you guessed it- banana; Chocolate Brownie with warm shredded coconut and treacle tart; and fresh ice cream made especially for Turtle Bay restaurants by Granny G in Devon using the finest natural ingredients, free from additives, flavourings and artificial colourings, but full or rich flavours and silky smooth. The flavours on offer this evening were Smooth Vegan Vanilla, Cream Coconut and Boozy Caribbean Rum (a favourite of the tables!).

Every dish was full of flavour and offered something different to the last, everything was though of by the team at Turtle bay, from presentation to experience to full on flavour. There was something for everyone, making the entire menu family friendly, including more subtle flavours for little ones to food that packed a punch for those that enjoy the heat.

We didn’t want the evening to end there; after 17 months of restrictions, it was so lovely to be out and about with friends, enjoying what our fabulous city has on offer, especially when accompanied by good food and drink. So we headed over to the bar area to continue enjoying the good times, provided by Turtle Bay.

The entire restaurant is full of colour, pattern, and Caribbean flare, it’s the perfect place to visit for cocktails with friends, a date night or simply to fill up on delicious food! It’s definitely worth a visit, whether it’s for drinks, food or just simply for the atmosphere, and it comes highly recommended by me.

As said by the restaurant, ‘Caribbean food is deliciously addictive and is all about unique West Indian spices mixed with flavours from all round the world to create truly unique food that’s great for sharing or keeping to yourself! Cool cooking with hot flavours.’- something I can officially confirm after the amazing event last week.

The laidback, easy-going atmosphere was infused into their dining, leaving endless opportunities for conversation and laughter to fill the restaurant. The relaxed and friendly service made the entire evening one that will be remembered and definitely something I aim to do again.

There is only one word to describe the entire evening at the new Turtle Bay restaurant in Coventry… INCREDIBLE!

Of course, it was a Thursday and that only means one thing…#CovHour started at 8pm…but being my baby, and something I enjoy so passionately, I didn’t miss interacting with friends and welcoming new businesses to our fun and friendly networking hour. I was online live from the Turtle Bay opening event, sat barside, in conversation with both sets of friends, in person and online.

It just goes to show, no matter where I am, or where you are, it’s easy to log on and join in with the conversation on #CovHour on Thursdays from 8-9pm, whether you’re at a new restaurant opening, a football game in the stands or simply sat on the sofa at home, it’s easy to meet similar people, other businesses owners and old friends via our networking hour. So come and see what the fuss is about…see you there!


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