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Family run student accommodation at the heart of Coventry

More than 20,000 students make Coventry their home every year, coming from 140 different countries and choosing to study and live in this great city. There’s a wide range of accommodation available to them, with more accommodation blocks being built right now. University City Lodge (UCL) is one of those options available, and offers some unique and personal advantages for students.

Located on Corporation Street, UCL is located only 8 minutes from Coventry University, and a 10 minute bus ride from Warwick University. Being in the heart of Coventry makes it super convenient for shops, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, as well as the excellent local and national transport links.

Well maintained rooms of various sizes and configurations mean students can share if they wish to, which adds to the community feeling of UCL. Great facilities along with insurance and internet included in the cost means students can budget easily for their essentials. UCL offer arrival packs to purchase – handy for those who have travelled from overseas – and security of the building as well as individual rooms is taken very seriously.

For those students that have travelled half way around the world, being ‘sent to Coventry’ is not only probably the first time away from home and family support, but is also an introduction to a completely different language and culture. Imagine how daunting and scary that could be? UCL is a family-run business, taking pride in their personal service, friendly staff and safe environment. Students often comment how warm the staff are and how comfortable the accommodation is, and students return year after year during their studies which demonstrates how satisfied they are. Parents are reassured that their kids are gaining independence and freedom in a safe and friendly environment – warmly welcomed into the heart of Coventry and into a new family environment.

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