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8 Hashtags You Should Be Using If You’re A Business In Coventry

Coventry really is the place to be at the moment! Why with significant investment and City of Culture 2021 there is so much to get involved in. Using hashtags will help to get your business into the right conversations.

At Piece of Cake Marketing we research hashtags to try and help us understand what will work best for our clients. If you’re a Coventry business these may be of interest to you!

Obviously at the top of our list is #covhour, Jo has built a following of over 12k followers over the last 5 years. Taking part in #covhour and being a regular contributor will mean that Jo will share your business messages and events as often as possible spreading your message to her large audience.

Every town and city has an area specific hashtag and Coventry’s not surprisingly is #Coventry. This hashtag should be used by any local business trying to promote themselves in the area.

#ThisIsCoventry is the new hashtag on the block and was created by the Coventry 2021 team when they were bidding to be City of Culture. It is now very widely adopted hashtag and always worth searching and adding to your tweets if they are relevant to Coventry.

Want to know what is happening in Coventry City Centre then use and search the hashtag #CovBid

A couple more sports ones to add into the mix are -

Coventry City FC = #PUSB

Coventry Bears = #CovBears

Coventry Rugby = #wearecoventry

Wasps = #WeAreWasps

As well as using the above hashtags in your tweets it’s also really useful to search the hashtags and comment, like and retweet where appropriate.

Piece of Cake Marketing is a fun, friendly and creative marketing agency based in Coventry.

We can help your business to connect with your customers’ through imaginative branding and marketing, engaging content and the latest social media strategies.

We’ll bring the ideas and the cake, you bring the tea bags.

Happy hashtagging!

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