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Coventry’s 2 Tone Taxi Tour

The 15th July 2018 and only 900 days until we become City of Culture 2021. We finally got to go on the 2 Tone Taxi Tour. We were met outside the Cosy Club and introduced to Paul our tour guide and Faisal the taxi driver.

We set off on the tour and it was incredibly informative, we won’t say too much about the content of the tour as it would spoil it. This was the first time we had been in an electric vehicle which just so happens to have been built in Coventry.

Paul is an amazing tour guide and was playing us a song about the ring road and gave us glasses to wear.

We visited a lot of different areas in the city and places I have never been to before, we listened to audio recording of other people’s memories about the places we visited. It really shows how much the city has changed over the years and keeps reinventing itself from the Blitz and the demise of the car industry to now having two of the top Universities in UK - it’s a very exciting city to be a part of.

We were shown that we are a multicultural city and that we have always welcomed people from all over the world who now call Coventry their home. Paul the tour guide listened to our memories of the city while on the journey.

There is just one last mystery that Paul wants to find out more about… the Indian Bean Tree next to Salts (opposite Little Park Street Police Station) and why it was donated to the city and by whom.

If you are interested in taking this free tour you can do so by emailing

Thank you to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio and Theatre Absolute for organising these tours.

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