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Covhour Does Habibi

Our second stop on our trip of Coventry’s eateries took us to Habibi.

Situated on Far Gosford Street, Habibi is just a stones throw from Fargo Village in one direction and a short walk from town in the other direction.

The restaurant has been open for 15 years and brings a little taste of the owner Manal Timraz’s homeland, Palestine. Everything in Habibi has been sourced by Manal from countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Palestine and we have to say what she has created is beautiful.

We opted for the Mezza to share and we were treated to a table full of delights. Kate didn’t realise it was just the first course there was so much food. It was a perfect way to sample the cuisine and the ‘Batata Harah’ was a particular favourite.

The main course was delicious, spiced chicken and lamb dishes served with rice and fresh salad. Paul particularly liked the lamb.

Habibi is an Arabic word which literally means ‘my love’ and we have to say we certainly loved our visit.

If you don’t believe us this is what other customers have said -

‘Truly delicious food. Can’t wait to go back.’

‘I’ve been here a couple of times now and love the food. The service is great and I always feel so comfortable here that I find it hard to leave! Fabulous place.’

‘The food and service is great, atmosphere is relaxing and friendly, would always recommend eating here.’

To book your table at Habibi just go to their website or call 02476220669.

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