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Coventry Half Marathon and a Troublesome Hamstring

I decided this year to complete my fifth Cov Half Marathon. I have always run for charity and this year is no different, it motivates me and helps to get around the course on the day. I always run with my husband Mick, who is a great support.

I chose this year’s charity, Breast Cancer Care for my mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year.

She is such an amazing lady who has gone through her treatment – surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy with strength and determination.

My race number 2105 came through the post and I was getting very excited. Training was going well and I went out for a run 3 weeks before the race on a very cold Sunday morning. Unfortunately I manged to hurt my hamstring, I was so upset as I was over 3 miles away from home and had to walk back not knowing what I damage I had done or whether I would be able to compete.

Through my #Covhour contact I contacted Tanya from Fire & Earth Sports Massage & Therapy to see if they could help. I had an appointment the next day with Caroline – where I discovered that I had a slight tear my hamstring. Caroline was amazing and massaged my legs and tapped up my hamstring. I went for another couple of treatments as I was determined to complete the race as I had raised so much money for my charity.

I had decided that I would have to walk the course as running was too painful. Then in a turn of events who should come and visit but the “beast from the east” and the race was called off. Part of me was pleased and knew I was going to struggle with the distance and I had hoped a delay would give me time to recover. Then I felt totally gutted when the race couldn’t be rescheduled and wouldn’t take place until 2019.

So as my hamstring had improved (thanks Fire & Earth) we decided to run the race distance over the Easter weekend. Unfortunately I managed to hurt my hamstring again but luckily this time no further injury – thanks to Caroline and her magical hands.

I will get out over the next month or so to complete the distance for the charity and because I want my medal for the race… watch this space.

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